Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00


Mission and Vision Statement 

The Mission of the EntrepreneurshipDevelopment Centre is to help studentsimprove their potentials and advancesociety by developing an entrepreneursand innovative mindset.

The Vision is to become a leader inentrepreneurship and innovative,education and research.

Objectives of the Centre

  • Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities.
  • To Conduct various types of training Programmes for Students and potential entrepreneurs, for employment generation and Self-reliance.
  • To conduct workshops, Conferences and Seminars for MSMES
  • To disseminate information regarding Promotion and development of entrepreneurs

Activities of the Centre

Coordinating and teaching the theoriesand concepts of entrepreneurship

Fields for Practical Training

  • Shoe Making
  • Hand bag Making
  • Paint Making
  • Fashion and Designing
  • Car Wash Soap Making
  • Organizing and presenting motivational talks to change the mindset of Students to be self-reliant
  • Coordination of practical training, demonstrations and Productions of selected entrepreneurial fields.
  • Bleach and Liquid Soap making
  • Bakery Products
  • POP Ceiling
  • Driving

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre provide short term training for students and members of the public who are registered with the centre.