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The SIWES is a skill-training programme designed to expose and prepare students for the work environment they are likely to meet after graduation. The unit shall coordinate the participation of students in the mandatory industrial attachment. The scheme is also designed to expose students to work method and experience in handling industrial equipment and machinery. This shall provide students the opportunity to prepare for employment after graduation. The scheme shall also serve to improve the course content of academic programmes in the Polytechnic.

Placement of Students

The Industrial Attachment Unit of the Polytechnic in conjunction with the Committeeon SIWES allocates students to various companies, Federal and State Parastatals where attachment spaces have been secured for them. Students can make their own arrangements for Industrial Attachment and forward same to the unit for necessarydocumentation.

SIWES Orientation

Orientation programmes are organized for the students eligible for industrial attachment. Principal Officers of the Institution, Industrial Trust Fund (ITF) representatives and personalities from Industries are invited to brief eligible students on various aspects and practices in an organization’s life.

Supervision of Students

Personnel from the SIWES and Departmental representatives visit the various locations monthly to assess students’ performance. Comments by visiting supervisors are entered in the Students’ Log Book. Supervision of students will promote effective linkages and collaboration between the Polytechnic and Industries.

Duration of Industrial Attachment Programme

Students of the Polytechnic undergoing relevant courses available at the National Diploma (ND) level are expected to undergo 4 months Industrial Attachment.

Student ITF Allowance

The Industrial Training Fund (lTF) provides allowance for students undergoing courses in Engineering, Environmental Studies, Technology and Sciences